Genesis (2004) Claude Nuridsany et Marie Pérennou

I am lucky to find "Genesis", a French documentary about the natural history of the Earth, on TPS Star tonight. Google takes me instantly to the schedule page of the TPS Star channel, informing me: Genesis Film documentaire de Claude Nuridsany et Marie Pérennou. 2004. Thanks globalization for the poor.

The Earth starts with molten lava.

As the fire burns out, steam comes out.

The steam is redistributed on the lava as rain, covering the earth and cooling it.

As the volume of steam gets redistributed as oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, the weather cycle is initiated.

Combining heat from the earth and the sun, with chemical elements resulting from the cooling, the water acts as medium where life processes (phenomena? manifestations?) start occurring.

"Nous sommes des rivieres vivantes qui tracent leurs cours dans le fleuve du temps." Bravo (mais l'image ne tient pas ou j'ai peut-etre mal entendu.)

Life is the central actor here. It's described as the answer to entropy, a form-sustaining principle.

Central to life is love, the principle whereby 1+1=3 (by sexual reproduction). It's all very clear, really.

Lovemaking is preceded by seduction of the mate and sometimes annihilation of the competition. The lovemaking of several species is shown: spiders, hippocampii, crabs where the males have one giant claw.

The growth of the child contains a microcosm of the history of life, from the watery environment of the womb to the full formation of the body. It's the principle re-enacted every time and at the local level. That's a holarchic view that goes toward explaining emergence.

Water flows in the body (as blood) like it flows on the earth. Striking visual images of flow.

Life consumes resources to sustain its own form. It also consumes life. That's how it defeats entropy and time, which always flows towards decay. Thus life contains energy and is a resource, a fuel - in addition to being informed with sets of principles. The snake engulfing an egg and spitting out the foetus is amazing.

Death is the dissolution of the informed energy that binds together the material form. The now lifeless matter returns to the environment - or to the living being that did the consumption ;-) Note that it can mean the mere detachment of the informed energy from matter, whereby only the matter is redistributed but the energy remains organized. In what state is a matter of metaphysical debate.

An excellent documentary built to appeal to the intuition.